Gluten free Granola

Over the past few weeks our 2 year old has decided she loves granola and yoghurt and wants it for breakfast every day.  

As we’ve been buying the premium gluten free granola for the odd occasion the fancy takes Josh, since Remi has been eating it daily this has become quite expensive so I figured I’d give it a go myself and see if I could make something we all like and can eat with abandon. 

I have found that the best ratio for any amount of granola is 5 parts dry ingredients 1 part wet ingredients.  This can be scaled up or down using various measurements to make the right amount for you.  

Yesterday I used cups because I wanted to make a big batch. 

You will need:

Gluten free oats

Sweetener (honey, agave syrup, golden syrup, simple sugar syrup, apple juice, whatever suits you) 

Oil – I used rapeseed oil but you can use a nut oil if you rather a more nutty flavour. 

Pinch of salt 

Optional extras:

Mixed nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate chips. 

Pre heat your oven to gas mark 3 (or equivalent in non gas oven). 

In a large bowl measure out your dry ingredients.  I used oats and a combination of chopped peanuts, walnuts and almonds. (if adding fruit or chocolate, add this at the end)  

Mix well and add a pinch of salt. 

In another bowl combine your  wet ingredients.  I used agave syrup and rapeseed oil, on a 50/50 mix however the ratio is entirely up to your own personal taste.  (I have read honey makes for more clusters in your granola so may do that next time!). 

Combine the wet into the dry and stir to ensure all ingredients are well coated. 

Spread onto a rimmed baking sheet in a thin layer, if you feel it’s too thick use more than one rimmed baking sheet. 

Bake in the oven for 45mins – 1 hour or until golden brown.  Stir every 15 minutes to ensure it doesn’t burn. 

Once cooked spread onto baking paper and if you are adding fruit add it now.  Leave to cool.  I added freeze dried strawberries and apple at this stage. 

If you want to add chocolate chips do not add this until it’s completely cool as they will melt! 

Once completely cool, decant into an air tight container.  It will be at its best for 2 weeks but will likely last up to 4 weeks. 


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