Pork and Cider casserole 

Autumn is upon us and the weather is getting colder, it’s definitely time for the comfort food. A new favourite in our house is slow cooker pork and cider casserole.  
You need:

Diced pork or 2-4 pork steaks diced.  

2 apples (a sweet eating apple is recommended) 

A large onion 

Knorr chicken stock cube

500ml of cider of your choice (we use Stowford press, not too dry) 

2tbsp Cornflour 

Heaped teaspoon dijon mustard

Sage fresh or dried (4 leaves fresh,  1 tsp dried) 

In the slow cooker pour in the bottle of cider, crumble in the stock cube, stir in mustard, sage and cornflour.  

Dice onion and apples and add to slow cooker. 

Add pork. 

Season well with salt and pepper.  

Leave to cook.  High 4 hours,  low 6-8 hours.  

You want your apple soft, your pork cooked and your sauce thick.  

Serve with potato and veg of your choice.  

This can also be cooked in the slow cooker, refrigerated and reheated in a pan 1-2 days after cooking if need be.  


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