Who we are…

My name is Vikki and I am a working mum.  Last year my husband Josh was diagnosed with coeliac disease, an auto immune disease triggered by gluten that causes the gut to damage itself in reaction to eating gluten, this can only be controlled by a completely gluten free diet.

The day Josh was diagnosed our household became a gluten free haven, with the exception of one bread bin, board and Toaster specifically for our daughter.  Cross contamination is a serious issue for people with coeliac disease, one single crumb can cause days of pain.  However we felt that  our daughter, Remi who is currently 18 months old, should not be subjected to a fully gluten free diet as this can cause intolerances in the future if there is no medical need.  Coeliac disease is hereditary however as she is showing no symptoms at all we will continue allowing her to have gluten and being extra vigilant with clearing up the crumbs!

We live on quite a tight budget and as anyone who is gluten free knows, supermarkets mark up gluten free foods to the extreme.  A single small loaf of bread can cost up to 4x more than it’s gluten counterpart.  I have therefore spent the last year trawling the Internet, looking for recipes so that I can cook from scratch and make all the things my husband misses gluten free and on a budget! I have been inspired to make this site to share my findings with others who may want this.

Most of the recipes I will post have been found elsewhere and adapted to our needs.  I will also share direct from source,  recipes that I have found and loved just as they are!




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