Gluten free Yorkshire pudding

Josh saw on Facebook a giant Yorkshire pudding ‘wrap’ filled with roast beef.  He has quite a large appetite so I decided to give gluten free Yorkshire puddings a shot.

After much messing  around and wasted eggs I have found that the following is the best for Yorkshires whether you want to make individual ones or a larger one for toad in the hole or in this case a wrap!

100g cornflour

3 eggs

150ml milk

Salt and pepper


Whisk the ingredients together to be lump free.  You can use the battery straight away or put it in the fridge for a few hours until you need it.  If you do rest it first, give it a quick stir before using as the cornflour will thicken a bit at the bottom.

As with all Yorkshire pudding recipes, you need a smoking hot pan, I use gas mark 9 and hot rapeseed oil,  I heat the oil for around 20 minutes before using.

Once your oil is hot, pour in the batter and put in the oven.  Shut the door and do not open for at least 20 minutes unless you want flat puddings! *

*for a wrap, quickly open after 15 minutes and shut again this will stop the pudding rising making it easier to roll.

If making a wrap, once cooked, turn out of pan, portion (a large roasting tin will make 3-4 wraps),  add your filling and roll like a Swiss roll.

#the beer in the picture is a brew dog brewery gluten free pale ale and is frankly lovely, purchased from tesco.


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